Suzuki Trucks

Suzuki is one of the leading names in automotive industries. The company produces plenty of vehicles with massive technical features and functions. This company is having exclusive coverage of different themes and fascinating functions. One of the most popular and preferred vehicle prepared by the company is the Pickup truck section and among these trucks, the Equator is the most popular name. Here is the total exposure of Suzuki Equator with the technical features.The IntroductionEquator is the latest model launched in 2009 and having major share in the development of trucking industries of the company. This model is created by the engineers and technical persons of Nissan trucks. This is the mid sized Pickup truck which us inspired by the Nissan Frontier. The truck was launched for the first time in 2008 Chicago Auto Show. These models are appraised highly by the experts and truck lovers.The availabilityThe trim availability of these is quite utility oriented and also are having excusive performance. The truck is offered in Extended Cab and Crew Cab style. Both of these are having the main difference in the space and area of storage. Both of these models are offering availability of fiver persons in the trucks. These are offered in various countries and are having greater preference level in the truck lovers. These are having the variety of two doors and four doors options. Also they are offered in different transmissions of five speed automatic model and the manual model as well. The automatic model is the model that can provide more comfort and relaxation to the driver. These availabilities of the trims are the best possible features of the trucks.The engine optionThe engines are the hearts of the trucks and Nissan is having expert performance in the engines of their trucks. The engine in the trucks can be the most promising focus of trucks as they produce the horsepower and also assist the torque power that can manage the towing power of the company. Here in this model of Suzuki Equator, the four cylinder engine is used by the company which is better for these categories of trucks. The V6 engine is good enough to haul the weights of massive loads. The engines of these trucks are also offered warranties and other facilities.The engine of the trucks are having 2.5 L Inline 4 and is able to produce 152 hp which is equivalent to 113 kW with the capacities of 5,200 rpm and 171 lb ft at the rate of 4,400 rpm. The base trim is offered manual transmission and the advanced model of 4 cylinder engine is motivated with five speed automatic transmission. Another option of engine in these trucks is the 4.0 L with V6 engine that delivers 261 hp and 5,600 rpm at 281 lb ft rpm. This engine model is also available in the five speed automatic model and is available in the alternative of all-wheel-drive.The DimensionThe dimension of the trucks is quite elevated and energetic. The Wheelbase of this Suzuki Trucks is 125.9 inches which makes the trucks more fit and firm on the streets. The length of Crew Cab is 220.1 inches which reveals the space for storage and other facilities. These trucks are one of the lengthier trucks of the company. The Extended cab is having extensive and exclusive dimension of having the length of 206.6 inches, width of 72.8 inches and the height of 68.7 inches. This dimension is quite aggressive and attacking for any truck driver.About Suzuki TrucksSuzuki trucks are the most important and leading names in trucks for sale industries. This Japan based company has got reputation in making the Bikes, ATVs, Cars and trucks that makes the company leader in two wheelers to six wheelers. This company is therefore quite appraised and innovated by the truck drivers. The model of Equator is also the name that has made the trucking sense of the trucks more deliberate and dynamic.